Grid-Tie System

1. What is a Grid Tie Solar PV System?

A grid tie solar PV system – also referred to as grid-tied or grid-feed photovoltaics (PV) – uses solar power to turn sunlight into electricity for your personal use, while your home remains connected to the local utility. This is different from an off-grid or stand alone solar system, where your structure is not connected to the local utility grid.

2. Why Install a Grid Tie Solar (PV) System?

The most common reason people install a solar grid tie system is to reduce their utility bills. Once your system is operating regularly, the power it provides is free, and there is little or no maintenance required. While it runs, your PV system reduces your electrical bills, not only because it decreases how much power you pull from your utility, but also because any excess power you produce is sent back into the grid (called Grid Feed-in), effectively reducing.

Another great incentive for installing solar is that the Central Government, and many states and local utilities, offer rebates, tax credits, low interest loans and other incentives for adding solar power. And of course, solar energy is a clean source of power. It reduces dependence on fossil fuels in a practical and effective way, and helps protect our environment.