Erection, Installation and Commissioning


  1. Based on the design of the system, multiple teams start their work simultaneously.
    • Structural Erection: The team responsible for structural erection ensures that the basic infrastructure is sound and capable of handling the superstructure. After confirmation, they get to work preparing a framework for mounting the Solar Panels.
    • Panel Mounting: Upon completion of the mounting structure, Solar Installers place and fix the Solar Panels in their intended location with precision.
    • System Installation: The installer team then installs the Inverter(s) and the miscellaneous equipment to complete the system circuit.
  2. After all above installation work is completed, the system designer steps in to cross-check the handiwork, thus ensuring safety and quality.


  1. Post Installation, the system is tested by the system designer and the installer. This eliminates any theoretical and practical errors and ensures that the plant will keep performing at the highest efficiency throughout its lifetime.
  2. In case of Grid-feed systems, the commissioning involves matching the output of the solar PV plant with the feed-in parameters of the local grid. For Hybrid, Off-grid and Standalone systems, the battery bank is also tested for effortless switching and output.