Site Surveying and Designing

Site Surveying:-

  1. Upon placing an enquiry, our team visits the site location to evaluate the solar potential of the site.
  2. The load profile of the site is also taken into consideration, which enables the design team to plan the placement and orientation of the solar panels.
  3. Our team also evaluates the structural capability of the existing structure and the feasibility of mounting the panels at the site.
  4. Based on the data taken in the above given steps, our team then pulls Insolation Data based on the site's GPS location and elevation. This further helps the team formulate the capacity of the plant which the site is capable of handling.

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System Designing:-

Based on the Survey report, the Solar PV Power Plant is designed taking in to consideration the requirements of the end-user and the parameters required for the same.

1) Grid-Tied Systems: In case of Grid-Tied systems, technical protocols from the local Electricity Distribution Company, necessary parameters and guidelines for system designing are taken into consideration.

2) Grid-Tied Hybrid Systems: In Hybrid Systems, apart from the grid feed mode, a backup and alternate supply mode has to be taken into design considerations. Here, a battery bank of appropriate size and rating has to designed to either carry the entire load for a certain amount of backup time, or to provide a temporary backup till another power source can be routed. Hybrid systems can also integrate Gen-sets and other renewable sources such as wind turbines etc.

3) Stand-alone/Off-grid Systems: These systems are designed to produce and supply power to loads in remote locations or places where there is little to no grid connectivity, effectively replacing the local grid entirely, hence the term Off-Grid. Such systems rely heavily on Solar Energy to produce power during the daytime. Such plants are generally set up to either export all produced electricity to the local grid (in case of Solar Farms) or to run a medium to heavy load for an extended duration.